German-Ukrainian Agricultural Policy Dialogue (APD) plans to support a competition among the young Ukrainian agriculture policy and economics specialists. The venture foresees cooperation with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Methodological Centre "Agroosvita" and the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum.

1. Terms of participation and requirements
Participants of the competition (authors) will elaborate a paper /theses (max. 5 pages incl. charts/tables in English language, Paper format: А4; Font: Times New Roman, size 12; Line spacing: single). Authors can be students or young scientists of Colleges or Universities (master's or PhD's students), citizens of Ukraine. Papers should be dedicated to the analysis of agrarian politics or economics in Ukraine and provide suggestions on possible changes in legislation and/or administrative structure.
Short CV (up to one page) of the author in English language should be submitted together with a paper.
Papers should contain following chapters:
1. Background of the issue (What goes wrong in the sector, in terms of investments, trade, production and consumption or in terms of social, environmental and other public needs?)
2. Analysis of the current situation in the chosen area, from the point of view of agrarian policy (Description of current agricultural policy instruments, respectively institutions causing the issue described above.)
3. Relevant European or International experiences in the chosen area
4. Recommendations to policy makers for further development/of instruments, respectively institutions in Ukraine.

2. Evaluation of papers
a.) Jury
Papers will be evaluated by a competent jury, consisting out of Ukrainian and international experts (all together about 12-15 experts) in the field of agrarian politics and economics:
1. Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine as well as subordinated institutions (3)
2. Methodological Centre "Agroosvita" (2)
3. Teaching staff of Agriculture Universities (3)
4. EU Commission office, international donors and Embassies in Kyiv (3)
5. UNAF, respectively representatives of business-associations (3)
6. National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (2)
b.) System of evaluation
Evaluation system is structured into the following criteria's and can lead to a maximum of 100 points for each paper/author.

Criteria Points
Background of the issue 0-10
Analysis of the current situation 0-30
Relevant European or International experiences 0-20
Recommendations to policy makers and practicability 0-30
Preparation of material in English language 0-10

3. Stages and timetable of the competition
First stage:
Announcement of competition on 01.03.2018 and following elaboration of papers to be submitted to Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. until 20.04.2018.
Second stage:
Preselection of 25 best papers by APD in accordance to the formal criteria until 30.04.2018.
Third stage:
APD sends the 25 papers to jury members for evaluation according to defined criteria. Evaluation of papers is conducted anonymously until 10.05.2018, means jury members will not get information about the authors of papers. Jury members submit their evaluation to APD.
Fourth stage:
Based on the evaluation by the jury, five best papers, with highest number of points will be selected and invited to take part in the "Gathering of leaders of agrarian education".
Fifth stage:
During "Gathering of leaders of agrarian education", 06-07.06.2018 in Uman, five preselected authors will present their papers/thesis's in front of the jury (see above). Jury members can ask questions and will then evaluate presentations (0-100 points). Results during presentations (30% of weight) will be combined with the evolution of the paper (see third stage, 70 % weight). At the end, winners of the completion (1-3 place) are determined, announced and rewarded.
The winner of competition is invited to participate in a Specialized Field Trip to Germany, organized by APD.

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